Fratelli offers you the 'alternative' in wedding celebration.

We don't pretend to be a big fancy hotel in the countryside, nor do we have delusions of being a chique botique in the city centre, but we've been serving up truly tremendous wedding feast to brides, grooms and their guests for a long time now.

At Fratelli you can offer your guests a epic night full of dining and dancing a plain good fun. Give them a choice of food from your handpicked menu. You'll be able to make sure your guests glasses are always topped up without remortgaging your house. You can expect a dedicated team who'll be utterly attentive your guests. Finally, you can expect a very reasonable price, which means you can spoil yourself in other ways.

We're extremely proud of our weddings. Our record is extraordinary. Come into the restaurant and view the many, many glowing testimonials from our more than satisfied customers who were so glad they decided to book Fratelli as their wedding venue.

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